Hiring from Blaze

Hiring From Blaze

Hiring from Blaze couldn't be easier. Simply check out our product list to find the best solution to your needs, if you're unsure call us on 0844 800 3324 and we'll be happy to help you find the right hire for you.

Blaze specialises in the short-term hire of class leading TOSHIBA laptop computer equipment. If you hire a laptop computer from Blaze can be certain of a personal, professional and reliable service.

  • Our laptop computer hire equipment is available for hire from one day upwards.
  • All displayed prices are the daily rate of a one week hire The daily hire rate reduces significantly the longer the hire period and as the quantity on hire increases.
  • Our laptop computer hire prices range from less than £9.50 per day for a weekly hire.
  • Our Projector hire prices range from less than £10 per day for a weekly hire. Whatever your laptop hire or projector hire requirements are Blaze has a model to suit your needs and budget.
About our Laptops
All of our laptop computer hire equipment is manufactured by TOSHIBA . Blaze has three ranges available for laptop computer hire:

  • Top Range - for power users requiring a high specification laptop computer
  • Mid- Range - for business users needing a laptop computer with power and reliability
  • Basic Range - lower specification laptop computer for training courses and surveys etc.
About our Projectors
Our Projector hire models are described as ultra-portable. The Projector hire range is typically the size of a piece of A5 paper and weighs only 1 to 1.5 Kg.

Our Projector hire range features automatic set up with wireless remote control some with built in laser pointers. The equipment in our projector hire range produces bright clear images and does not usually require blinds to be drawn.

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